an elite icon contest for the jossverse

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an elite icon challenge comm for the jossverse
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Do not join at the top of this page. You must apply in order to be accepted!


Welcome to elite_three, an elite icon contest for the three shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. This community was created by mareliz and is now run by palmaceae and anno_superstar. You do not have to be a fan of all three shows in order to participate! Please read and follow the rules below before applying:


For applying:
1. To apply, comment to the application post and follow the rules below.
2. Introduce yourself at the top of your application and tell me which journal you use to post your icons.
3. Give me 5-10 of your best icons, of any fandoms, as an example of your work.
4. If 2 out of 3 mods say yes, then you'll be invited to join. You can check your invites by going here.
5. If 2 out of 3 mods says no, then you are welcome to apply again once you feel you have improved.
6. Do not be upset if you are rejected. I'm looking for the best, and hopefully that's something that you can strive towards.

For entering icons:
1. Each week (beginning Sunday or Monday), you will be given a challenge.
2. You are allowed one icon per category. That's a maximum of three icons.
3. You do NOT have to participate in all three. Ex: If you are only a Buffy fan, then you should only enter the Buffy challenge.
4. Make your icon submission a new post to this community. You will have posting access. Don't comment to the challenge post with your entry!
5. You can post all three icons in one post, or separate them if you wish. It doesn't matter.
6. Icons can be still or animated, and must fit lj requirements.
7. You will have all week to make your icons, and the icons are due Friday night.
8. Voting will go up Friday night or Saturday, and the winners will be announced Monday.

If you are not planning on participating in these challenges, then please do not apply! You can watch the community instead.

Header by anno_superstar


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Would you like to affiliate? Comment to one of the mod's posts with the name of your community and which category it goes in.

This community is moderated by palmaceae and anno_superstar

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